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Today’s market is dominated by LED lighting solutions available for every type of lighting design. Many brands and solution providers are offering their services, praising their products as the best in price and quality. This approach has led us to experience many disappointments by trusted clients for the simple fact that these products and systems are difficult to evaluate for non-professionals. 


JVL Studio has invested in a service to produce test reports for the preselected materials utilizing in-house advanced technical testing devices. Such reports are part of tender documentation and require the supplier to deliver a similar quality than offered for the tender. By random control and new testing reports, we can exclude malfunctioning products and material from being installed. This way of working has already produced results such that some opportunistic suppliers have withdrawn from the tender process and further supplies.


By JVL Studio’s technical knowledge base, we believe in serving our clients in the right way by knowledgeably advising them in their choices. This service is an integral part of our detail design and documentation stage.


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