JVL Studio focuses on a number of key issues at the beginning of the development of a project or in the contribution to work in progress of an on-going project. This focus is mostly defined by the specific needs of the client or the details of the commissioned work. We offer here some examples of case specific subjects that are based on important features of JVL Studio’s principal methodological approach.


Case studies are not only related to lighting but to a broader area that can be simply defined as architecture. While working on architectural projects, the main objective is to formulate an ecologic solution for users and residents of the project area that maximizes the benefits of natural sources such as daylight or wind power. The design problem is always considered in terms of the need to create a healthier environment for living vis-a-vis concerns such as air pollution, lack of daylight etc.


On the other subjects where JVL Studio contributes on specific issues of an on-going project, solutions are principally developed according to the clients’ needs. These can only be realized by a high-level consultancy that is based on a lifetime of experience and with clear communication with the client as well as with other involved disciplines.


In some specific cases, the design constraint acts as a main impetus in formulating the path to a “site-specific” solution. These examples may vary from lighting of a motoryacht especially designed for a client with photophobia (light sensitivity disorder) to an interactive lighting system of a gallery space’s multifunctional theater room to comply with different seating arrangements related to the function (movie, concert, conference etc).