Jan Van Lierde is a designer, entrepreneur and architect from Belgium, today is a leading international creative force in lighting. Graduating from architecture school in Ghent in 1978, Van Lierde moved onto form his own architecture office and then importantly in 1982 to found Kreon the first of his many entrepreneurial and design business and design efforts to provide lighting design services for interiors. Kreon would become a major lighting design consultant for companies in Europe and eventually start to design and produce its own lighting collections from his base in Antwerp. 


Through the 1990s Van Lierde would manage large scale projects to design and produce a number of technical lighting fixtures for Kreon as well as designing for the likes of world renown Italian lighting producer Artemide establishing his identity as a globally recognised lighting designer. In 1995 he would solidify his international vision by setting up a base in Istanbul with Zenon Aydınlatma engaging in technical lighting projects for architectural projects in Turkey and the Middle East. 

Van Lierde’s activities in Belgium would also expand with the foundation of a new Studio, a strategic management consultancy and  corporate identity consultancy in Antwerp in 2001-2002. Van Lierde’s business and design activities with these companies would see him working throughout Europe, Turkey and the Middle East to design and implement technical and artistic lighting projects for a range of building types and architectural settings from interiors to large urban scale plans. His work to enhance and expand the architectural conception of light would occur in a period where the rapid growth of lighting increased the demands on the lighting designer in creative and technical terms. His success has been in his ability to manage the vague yet powerful concept of light adapted to the needs of the client and society within these rapid cycles of development.

Overall, Jan Van Lierde’s artistic vision, attention to project detail and understanding of the social and technological impact of light has given his work an advanced level of meaning that has enhanced and elevated design and architecture into new realms. His individual works and cooperative projects with architects have laid the grounds for a humanistic understanding of lighting design and sculpture for the 21st century.