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All human beings have a common physical fact that our brain is closely connected to our eyes and affects us in a subconscious way, for example, when we experience a comfortable or conversely disturbing situation. The eyes when comfortable generate a safe and relaxing feeling, making us relax and not have the need to defend ourselves against harsh situations.


From this simple postulate, we can deduce that our eye gives the right message when our environment offers a balanced visual appearance, where light effects play the major role for example, maintaining a 1 to 3 level balance in lighting intensity.


In other words, our iris doesn’t have to constantly adjust the light penetration, like in a camera where the diaphragm barely moves during a walk trough a space.


With this in mind it has been a basic rule in the long experience of lighting design in JVL Studio to work out lighting scenarios in the light of Human centric lighting.


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