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The word “light” immediately triggers a multitude of memory flashes, situations and most of all, emotions.

The JVL STUDIO team has put together on this web site a package of information that seeks to show our point of view, methodology, observations and new design ideas about our design work and “light”

Myself, I have filled my backpack over the years with lots of travel, meeting fascinating people and having the opportunity to work on very unique projects in different parts of the world. This experience has been transformed in our studio into a very intense search for the exquisite, the unique and also the gentle quality of light. Whether it is the influence of natural daylight or the technologically advanced LED quality in artificial lighting, JVL STUDIO explores the range of possibilities of light in this continuing search.

Through this web site we are sending you a warm invitation to embark on the same journey of experiences that aims for perfection.

At some point in the past a friend of mine, the late Jan Kenis, summed up our profession in a general but very precise statement: LIGHT IS THE BREAD FOR OUR EYES.

Allow us to serve your hunger with our recipes that can be found in the above menu.

architect Jan H. Van Lierde


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