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As part of the excitement to live in an outstanding space, each user should benefit from building automation that will “live” with the time of the day setting the right mood at each moment. In a spontaneous way lighting automation can create and facilitate various lighting settings using simple keypads to enhance the nature of the experience of a space. Also with these user control interface systems the user will have the capability to override in a simple way the available scene settings in a more enhanced or more dimmed way. This will allow for control of the different system aspects of the lighting, the curtains and the room temperature towards preferred settings. These choices will be available and controlled in a simple interface for the user.


As an example, bedside controls with integrated sensors will switch off the backlighting on the engraved touches after one minute in a dark environment. Sensors related to night-lights can prevent incorrect selections and wake up the partner. Curtain automation and lighting controls installed in a tabletop control unit allow for much more comfortable access than wall mounted keypads placed near the bed. Many more features will facilitate the possible design settings for the user.


In the times that we are living in the extensive and ubiquitous use of technology is inevitable. Moving from this fact, it has been a concentration in our work for JVL Studio to make the user as comfortable as possible.  Also it is standard procedure for JVL Studio to prepare the lighting control scenario settings beforehand to ensure the maximum comfort of the end user.


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