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The design and crafting of exterior and interior space with light conceived in cooperation with architecture. Design at many different scales for both interiors and exteriors. Advanced understanding of light in architecture including engineering, technical issues and the associated disciplines. Knowledge of how to manipulate and design light for day and night time settings both natural and electric. Technical proficiency with how all types of lighting fixtures and luminaires including being able to distinguish what different types of light sources will do in concert with different color temperatures, lenses, and beam spreads.


New concepts for lighting fixtures as families of architecture or design lighting objects. Design of furniture and objects for leading international brands.


Stand alone light sculptures conceived to enhance urban and interior spaces. Artistic vision focused on using light to highlight the passage of time, cycles of nature and the perception of space. Individual light sculptures from interior spaces to large scale urban interventions conceived with the impact on individuals and society. Technical mastery of light as vision, art and craft. 


Architecture and design services applied to projects at all scales. Expertise and consultancy to integrate architectural project and lighting including technical and value engineering of architectural concepts and plans. Architectural design concepts to enhance daily life through light based design features.


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